Genome Ambassadors: Promoting Public Understanding of Genomics

September 2nd, 2013 - June 1st, 2016 | PROJECT

Advances in genomics are rapidly increasing our understanding of not only the human body, disease and health-related issues but how humans and other species interact and respond to changing environments. Genomics represents a scientific frontier that connects with individuals and families at the most personal level, with the potential to shape the future of human healthcare. However, advances in genomics and their implications for personalized medicine are far out-pacing public awareness and knowledge. The Connecticut Science Center and the University of Connecticut partnered under a National Science Foundation funded collaboration between Dr. Rachel O'Neill, UCONN, and Dr. Hank Gruner, Connecticut Science Center, and the National Center for Science & Civic Engagement to engage the public in developing a conceptual understanding of genomics.

Project Website(s)

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Team Members

Connecticut Science Center, Contributor
Rachel O'Neill, Co-Principal Investigator, University of Connecticut
Hank Gruner, Principal Investigator, Connecticut Science Center



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Discipline: Health and medicine | Life science
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