Earth from Space: Exploring Satellite Data to Better Understand Global Systems

June 1st, 2010 - August 31st, 2013 | PROJECT

Earth from Space highlights state-of-the-art NASA technology, in particular, the suite of Earth observing satellites orbiting our planet, the data they collect, and how people are using these data for research and applications. Participants learn how NASA EOS data is collected through remote sensing systems, recognize the connection between this data and the area in which they live, and recognize the relevance and value of NASA data for understanding changes in the Earth related to where they live. The project informs K–12 students and lifelong learners of our increasingly advanced technological society and prepare students to enter the STEM-related workforce with content in oceanography, geology, climatology, glaciology, geography, and meteorology. Content is presented through hands-on exhibits and dynamic demonstrations using spherical display systems at OMSI’s main museum location and through a travelling program at rural libraries, schools, and other outreach venues throughout Oregon.

Project Website(s)

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Project Products

A View From Space full exhibit
A View From Space table top exhibit components and Magic Planet
Earth from Space: SOS/Magic Planet demonstrations

Team Members

Jamie Hurd, Principal Investigator, Oregon Museum of Science
Marilyn Johnson, Co-Principal Investigator, Oregon Museum of Science


Funding Source: NASA
Award Number: NNX10AD90G
Funding Amount: 421549


Audience: Elementary School Children (6-10) | General Public | Middle School Children (11-13) | Museum | ISE Professionals | Youth | Teen (up to 17)
Discipline: Ecology | forestry | agriculture | Geoscience and geography | Technology
Resource Type: Project Descriptions
Environment Type: Exhibitions | Informal | Formal Connections | K-12 Programs | Library Exhibits | Media and Technology | Museum and Science Center Exhibits | Museum and Science Center Programs | Planetarium and Science on a Sphere | Public Programs