A Conference Grant — Enhancing the Public Understanding of Research — January 28-30, 2001, Boston.

September 10th, 2000 - April 30th, 2002 | PROJECT

The Museum of Science in Boston is conducting a workshop/symposium that will focus on the question of how best to address the issue of enhancing public understanding of major, on-going research efforts. The workshop will begin a critical discussion among researchers and some of the most prominent practitioners of informal public education in the areas of science, engineering and technology. The discussion will explore possible directions that might be taken in regard to disseminating information about research to the public and in increasing the public's understanding of the role and possible implications of this research. Issues to be examined include: The scope and aspects of research upon which to focus; The present obstacles to public understanding; The advantages and disadvantages of different approaches for disseminating information; Costs and time frames of different approaches; How to encourage and implement collaboration and networking among institutions that have the goal of increasing public understanding. The general goal of the workshop is twofold: to provide feedback that will inform the creation of new programs to address the issue of enhancing public understanding of research and to share ideas among institutions that have a common purpose.

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David Ellis, Principal Investigator, Museum of Science


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0091749
Funding Amount: 86750


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