The Chemistry of Life

October 1st, 1996 - June 30th, 2001 | PROJECT

The New York Hall of Science will develop an interactive exhibit for the general public "The Chemistry of Life". There will be two editions of the exhibit: one 2,500 sq. ft. version will be installed permanently in the New York Hall of Science and another 1500 sq. ft. version will travel nationally. Focusing on the common chemical processes behind all life on earth, the exhibit will help visitors learn four basic chemistry concepts: 1) a shared chemistry underlies all forms of life, 2) the chemistry of energy transformation takes place in all living things, 3) chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy to animate life, and 4) the chemistry of reproduction provides for the continuity of life. The chemistry of the human body will be used whenever possible as an entry point to the concepts. Exhibits will include a hands-on staffed visitor chemistry lab, interactive activities, stimulations, models, demonstrations, and video clips. Complementary materials and workshops will be developed for families, school groups, and teachers. These materials are being developed with the curricular needs of the New York State Systemic Initiative and New York City Urban Systemic Initiative in mind. Teacher and student materials will be keyed to the curriculum guidelines. The long-term exhibit is scheduled to open late in 1998 and the traveling version will be available in spring 1999.

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Team Members

martin weiss, Principal Investigator, New York Hall of Science


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 9627084
Funding Amount: 1388362


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