Achieving the Future of Education and Engagement

August 20th, 2014 - August 20th, 2016 | PROJECT

Achieving the Future of Education and Engagement is focused on the 21st Century Teacher Academy. 21CTA is a unique Educator Professional Development (EPD) two-week residential workshop designed to immerse teachers in best practices and methodologies to develop and implement real-world, Project Based Learning (PBL) curricula using NASA missions. Participating teams of STEM teachers from across the Nation are invited to Ames Research Center in order to fully experience the center's world-class facilities and researchers.

The program's intensive structure achieves the following goals: Improve educational opportunities for teachers and students, deepen teacher understanding of implementing 21st century skills using NASA centric PBL, and create an active Professional Learning Community (PLC) through NASA Ames. In order to meet the program goals, participants will: 1) Successfully design and construct PBL based lessons using NASA content, 2) Integrate NASA missions, resources and programs into lesson plans and resource documents, 3) Demonstrate a deep knowledge of NASA aeronautics research by integrating several different topics into their curricula, 4) Actively participate in NASA outreach (media networking), with students to inspire STEM participation, 5) Conduct a NASA Themed PBL using train-the-trainer module to other educators within the first year of participating in 21CTA.

At the conclusion of the workshop each participant team produced: At least one complete NASA themed PBL curricula, including no fewer than 3 NASA themed PBL activities; Supplemental multi-media presentations and tools to accompany, and/or be integrated into, the main PBL curricula, and; Submitted lessons, content, and best practices on the Professional Learning Community (PLC) website.

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NASA Aeronautics Project Based Learning curriculum modules

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Brendan Sanborn, Principal Investigator, NASA Ames Research Center


Funding Source: NASA
Funding Program: CP4SMP
Funding Amount: $499,931


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