Understand the Field

There are many ways to describe the rich and dynamic work of informal STEM education (ISE) and science communication (SciComm) such as: “public engagement”, “science engagement”, “STEM outreach”, “informal science”, “informal STEM”, “informal learning”, etc. No matter what you call it, most important is that the work creates opportunities for learning and engagement in settings beyond the traditional boundaries of K-12 schools. Learn more about the fields of ISE and SciComm in the resources below, which includes key definitions, core areas of research, and further information that would be beneficial to anyone working on a project, regardless if you’re new or experienced.


What is Informal Science?

What are ISE and SciComm research?

Science Communication, Public Engagement, and Outreach

What Do We Know about Learning Science in Informal Environments?

What Counts as STEM?

Informal STEM Learning: A Roadmap for Research and Practice