2023 NSF AISL Awardee Meeting: Agenda


This page provides information about the 2023 AISL Awardee Meeting agenda.

Meeting Program

Concurrent Sessions
NSF & REVISE Sessions

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Day 1 of AISL Awardee Meeting

12:30PM – 01:00PM Welcoming Remarks, Introducing the REVISE staff & NSF Program Officers (Adams/Madison)

01:00PM – 01:45PM So You Got a Grant, Now What? What Awardees Need to Know About Managing Grants  (Adams/Madison)

02:00PM – 03:00PM Concurrent Sessions: project presentations and discussions grouped by similar themes

  • Workshop: Reclaiming STEM Identity (Richmond)

  • Workshop: Changing Culture and Your Role In the Disruption (Roanoke)

  • Roundtable: Intersectionality and Engaging with the Disability Community (Yorktown)

  • Roundtable: We are STILL HERE, Amplifying Indigenous Languages and Knowledges in STEM (Washington 1)

  • 02:00-04:00PM Workshop: Communities of Practice 101 (Monroe)

03:15PM – 03:55PM Meet Your NSF Program Officer & REVISE team, & Colleagues in the Field (Commonwealth and Virginia Ballroom Foyers)

04:00PM – 04:30PM Compassion Meditation (Adams/Madison)

04:30PM – 05:30PM Networking Meet and Greet – light refreshments provided (Crystal Ballroom)

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Day 2 of AISL Awardee Meeting

08:00AM – 09:00AM Breakfast & Time to Connect with Colleagues (REVISE staff & NSF POs)  (Adams/Madison)

09:00AM – 09:45AM – Morning Address Introducing REVISE & the NSF Program Officers (Adams/Madison)

10:00AM – 11:10AM Concurrent Sessions: project presentations and discussions grouped by similar themes

  • Workshop: Challenges to Equity, How to Navigate Pushback to Your Work (Richmond)

  • Workshop: Courageous Reflection, An Exploration and Interrogation of Community Engagement (Roanoke)

  • Workshop: Disrupting Bias in Research through Intergenerational and Community Methods – Exploring Migrant Narratives in Climate Change Research (Yorktown)

  • Presentation: Digital Technologies, Gaming, & Computational Thinking (Washington 1)

  • Presentation: Neurodivergent Youth Engagement in STEM (Washington 2)

  • Presentation: Diverse Approaches to Rural Engagement (Washington 3)

11:30AM – 12:40PM Concurrent Sessions: project presentations and discussions grouped by similar themes

  • Workshop: Beyond Broadening Participation (Richmond)

  • Workshop: Happily Ever After: Bringing a Project to Closure (Williamsburg)

  • REVISE Listening Session: Building Community Around Community Practitioners (Yorktown)

  • Presentation: Community Based Projects & Partnerships (Washington 1)

  • Presentation: Family STEM Learning In Dynamic Ways and Contexts (Washington 2)

  • Presentation: Indigenous Voices on Multiple Ways of Knowing in STEM (Washington 3)

12:40PM – 01:40PM Networking Lunch (Adams/Madison & Commonwealth)

02:00PM – 03:10PM Concurrent Sessions: project presentations and discussions grouped by similar themes

  • Ask a Community Organizer: Building Equitable, Trustful and Sustainable Relationships (Roanoke)

  • Fishbowl Discussion: Considerations, Challenges, & Successes for Equitable Scaling (Williamsburg)

  • Evaluating Equity: Measuring Impact of Equity-Oriented Efforts (Richmond)

  • Presentation: STE(A)M Blending the Arts and Science Engagement (Washington 1)

  • Presentation: Cultivating the Black and Brown STEM Identity (Washington 2)

  • Presentation: Decolonizing Science? Film for Dialogue (Washington 3)

03:30PM – 04:30PM Town Hall: From Equity to Justice (Adams/Madison)

05:00PM – 06:00PM Networking Reception & Listening Session – light snacks provided (Crystal Ballroom)

Friday, December 8, 2023

Day 3 of AISL Awardee Meeting

08:00AM – 09:00AM Breakfast with Question & Answer Time with NSF Program Officers (Adams/Madison) 

08:45 AM – 09:00AM NSF Directorate of STEM Education (EDU) and Equity: Current and Future Directions (Adams/Madison) 

09:10AM – 09:55AM National Science Foundation: Future Funding Opportunities (Washington)

10:00AM – 10:45AM Federal Agencies Presentation (Washington)

11:00AM – 12:15PM Closing Session: Impact of Youth Mentorship Programs (Adams/Madison)

12:30PM – 01:30PM Boxed Lunch & Closing Exercises: REVISE Reflections on The Field (Adams/Madison)