The People’s Science Fair

a hand in black holding a beaker overlapping a red hand raised into a fist with the text "Science for the People" to the right

April 28th, 2023, 11:00 am - April 28th, 2023, 3:00 pm CDT
Location: University of Massachusetts Amherst

The People’s Science Fair, organized by Western Mass Science for the People, will showcase diverse efforts by Western Massachusetts residents to harness STEM for social, economic, racial, environmental, climate, and cultural justice. Participants will include campus-based researchers with justice-oriented projects, grassroots organizers whose work involves STEM knowledge, and student activists committed to building a just future. 


Tables will represent a wide range of projects and offer many opportunities for cross-pollination between:

  • sustainable agriculture and farmworker justice
  • demilitarization and climate action
  • community-based medicine and health equity
  • science education, the arts, and social justice
  • labor unions and anti-racist organizing in STEM
  • prison and police abolition, and building systems for community care
  • history, anthropology, and science activism
  • and much more!

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