Northwest STEMM Summit – Achieving Equity & Excellence

a navy blue background with "SOA" in gold. Text to the right reads "STEMM Opportunity Alliance."

June 12th, 2023, 1:00 pm - June 12th, 2023, 6:00 pm CDT
Location: Boise, Idaho
Host: STEMM Opportunity Alliance and Micron Technology

The STEMM Opportunity Alliance (SOA) and their host, Micron Technology, are pleased to invite you to the NW STEMM Summit – Achieving Equity and Excellence. The Summit will bring together federal decision makers with STEM leaders from industry, state-level STEMM agencies, higher education institutions, education organizations, research institutions, and more.

The Summit will provide participants the opportunity hear from prominent public and private sector leaders. Micron will unveil new equity-minded work. The SOA team will be excited to announce new partners as this movement continues to grow. In addition, participants will engage provide guidance on the National Strategy for STEMM Equity and Excellence. A reception will follow with opportunities to network with key industry leaders and decision makers.

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