Inclusion in STEM education and informal spaces – reflections on science

May 16th, 2023, 10:30 am - May 16th, 2023, 12:00 pm CDT
Host: The STEM Education Hub

The STEM Education Hub, a project run by King’s College London and the British Council in Brazil, is hosting roundtable discussion with experts in STEM education, equitable engagement, and informal STEM learning. The panelists will explore the potential and obstacles of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities across these fields and discuss challenges in building and enhancing their science capital, which refers to the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to engage with science effectively. In addition, the role of informal educational spaces in promoting inclusivity and STEM aspirations will be highlighted.

Heather King, from King’s College London (UK), and Jessica Norberto-Rocha, from Cecierj Foundation (Brazil), will be joined by PhD student Gabriela Heck (PUC-RS – Brazil), whose thesis aims to understand the potential of science museums in building the science capital of people with disabilities. Gabriela will mediate the discussion and provide insights from her research findings.

The event will be inclusive, with simultaneous translation to Portuguese and interpretation into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) available.

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