Volunteer Survey Report: May 2007

May 1st, 2007 | EVALUATION

In May 2007, self-administered surveys about their volunteer experience and training were sent to 552 Science Museum of Minnesota volunteers, and 224 volunteers filled it out and returned it for a 41% response rate. The responses from volunteers to many questions were lengthy and detailed; a separate appendix is attached containing all of the commentary provided by volunteer respondents to open-ended questions on the survey. The survey is also included in the appendix. In this summative report, selections of sample responses were included after open-ended questions. Principal Findings 1. A majority of respondents rated their experiences as good or exceptional in all of the volunteer working locations. 2. The top two reasons that volunteers gave for volunteering at SMM were the "opportunity to learn new things" (59%) and to "share skills and expertise with visitors" (53%). 3. Volunteers felt that their biggest impact at SMM was in "public relations" or "improving visitor experience" (52%). 4. Almost all of the volunteers rated their experience at SMM as "good" or "exceptional" (97%). 5. Most respondents were "likely" or "very likely" to recommend volunteering at SMM to a friend (86%). 6. The majority of volunteers in both Special Exhibits and Permanent Galleries rated their overall training as "good" or "excellent" (91% and 91%, respectively). 7. Only three quarters of volunteers at Special Exhibits (73%) and two thirds of volunteers at Permanent Galleries (66%) felt prepared to engage with visitors after their training. 8. Almost all volunteers rated the overall supervision and support they received at SMM as "good" or "exceptional" (92%).



Team Members

Murphy Pizza, Evaluator, Science Museum of Minnesota
Stacie Rademacher, Evaluator, Science Museum of Minnesota


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