User-Centered Program Development of the Koshland Youth Research Lab

September 1st, 2011 | EVALUATION

This front-end study aimed to capture baseline information about students' science interests and skills in support of the development of a new program called the Koshland Youth Research Lab. Specifically, the evaluation was driven by the following questions: 1) What are students' current attitudes and interests toward four selected science topics: adolescent sleep needs, teen sexuality and risky behaviors, water quality in your community, and adolescent health and nutrition? 2) What are students' current knowledge and skills with regard to scientific research methods and research design? Data were collected at two Hispanic Youth Institute workshops. One held in Maryland (n=132 participants) and the other held in Virginia (n=121 participants) during the summer of 2011.



Team Members

Jes A. Koepfler, Evaluator, UXR Consulting
Marian Koshland Science Museum, Contributor


Access and Inclusion: Ethnic | Racial | Hispanic | Latinx Communities
Audience: Evaluators | Museum | ISE Professionals | Undergraduate | Graduate Students | Youth | Teen (up to 17)
Discipline: Education and learning science | Health and medicine | Nature of science | Social science and psychology
Resource Type: Evaluation Reports | Front-End
Environment Type: Laboratory Programs | Museum and Science Center Programs | Public Programs | Summer and Extended Camps