Summative Evaluation of Project POWER

May 1st, 2007 | EVALUATION

Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG) conducted process and summative evaluation for the New York Aquarium (Wildlife Conservation Society) of Project POWER: Protecting Our Wetlands with Educators and Regulators. The project was designed to train teams from around the country to present wetlands workshops in their local communities to reduce the frequency and magnitude of wetlands violations by community residents. As part of their participation in Project POWER, in March 2006, teams attended a two-day Leadership Seminar where they received training and resources. The primary goal of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of the two-day Leadership Seminar and the initiatives that participants implemented once they had returned to their home institutions. Specific objectives were to assess the use of the materials provided to wetlands leaders as part of the Leadership Seminar and the extent to which the project created new programs and partnerships around the country focused on wetlands education. The appendix of this report includes the surveys used in the study.



Team Members

Karen Peterman, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.
Katie Franich, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.
Irene F Goodman, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.
Wildlife Conservation Society, Contributor


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