Summative Evaluation of “Earth & Sky” Radio Shows in Three Public Radio Markets

December 27th, 1993 | EVALUATION

Earth & Sky is a two-minute public radio science series about environmental sciences, earth sciences, and astronomy. As broadcast of the series expanded across the U.S., Multimedia Research implemented summative evaluations of listeners in three different radio markets. The evaluations focus on whether listening to the series influences adults' knowledge of, interest in, and attitudes toward science and whether the series affects listeners' science-related activities.



Team Members

Barbara Flagg, Evaluator, Multimedia Research


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE
Award Number: 9253378

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Audience: Adults | Evaluators | Museum | ISE Professionals
Discipline: Ecology | forestry | agriculture | Geoscience and geography | Life science | Space science
Resource Type: Evaluation Reports | Summative
Environment Type: Broadcast Media | Media and Technology