Season One Evaluation: PEEP Television Series Final Report

December 1st, 2004 | EVALUATION

In this Summative Evaluation, Goodman Research Group, Inc. found that PEEP effectively models science inquiry skills, including predicting, observing, and problem solving. Children who were exposed to PEEP interacted with materials in ways that were significantly more grounded in science inquiry than children who were not. By a margin of 71% to 22%, for example, children who watched PEEP were more likely to initiate a question to be explored. Children exposed to PEEP were also more likely to use problem-solving strategies (76% compared to 34%) and more likely to solve the problems they initiated (74% compared to 31%). In addition, children who watched PEEP made more observations than children who did not (47% compared to 16%) and were more likely to initiate predictions (33% compared to 7%).



Team Members

Jennifer Beck, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.
Jennie Murack, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.
WGBH, Contributor
Irene F Goodman, Evaluator, Goodman Research Group, Inc.


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0104700
Funding Amount: 5911050

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Audience: Evaluators | Pre-K Children (0-5)
Discipline: Education and learning science | General STEM | Nature of science
Resource Type: Evaluation Reports | Summative
Environment Type: Broadcast Media | Media and Technology