SciGirls Strategies Training Evaluation Report

May 1st, 2020 | EVALUATION

For the SciGirls Strategies project supplement, ten educators were trained to be SciGirls Strategies Trainers through a four-day in person workshop in June 2019. During the workshop, educators learned about the Gender Equitable Teaching and Advising Strategies (GETAS) course content, the research-based SciGirls Strategies framework and instructional strategies and began to develop plans for their localized professional development for STEM and CTE educators.

The goal of the Train-the-Trainer program was for each Trainer to train 10 teachers in their school and/or school district. Trainers could plan and schedule the implementation of the course to fit their school/district’s needs in order to accomplish the primary course objectives of building high school teacher’s confidence and skills in using gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching strategies.



Team Members

Hilarie Davis, Evaluator, Technology for Learning


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ITEST
Award Number: 1513060
Funding Amount: 1,616,272.00

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SciGirls Strategies: Gender Equitable Teaching Practices in Career and Technical Education Pathways for High School Girls


Access and Inclusion: Women and Girls
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