SciGirls Strategies Implementation Evaluation Report

May 1st, 2020 | EVALUATION

For the SciGirls Strategies supplemental activity, ten educators were trained to be SciGirls Strategies trainers during June 2019. During that time, they developed action plans for their local teacher training. The goal was for each Trainer to train ten or more teachers in their local schools/districts. Trainers could plan and schedule their workshops to fit their local context in order to accomplish the objectives of building teacher’s confidence and skills in using gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching strategies.

After the training workshop, the trainers met once a month virtually and had continual access to the facilitators of their training (University of Minnesota professor Dr. Barbara Billington and St. Kate professor, Dr. Siri Anderson, the project’s Co-PI Dr. Brenda Britsch and two TPT staff members, Leah Defenbaugh and Alex Dexheimer).

This report characterizes the implementation of the local training using data from trainer interviews, trainer surveys, and teacher surveys. The data were analyzed to draw conclusions about the critical factors in the preparation and implementation of the Train the Trainer (TTT) model and its success with participating teachers.



Team Members

Hilarie Davis, Evaluator, Technology for Learning


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ITEST
Award Number: 1513060
Funding Amount: 1,616,272.00

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