SciGirls Reflect Evaluation

June 29th, 2016 | EVALUATION

SciGirls Reflect: Leveraging Multiple Communities and Networks to Expand Understanding of Professional Development for Informal STEM Educators in Gender Equitable Teaching Strategies was a one-day event that brought together 25 SciGirls Trainers, Educators, and Partner Organization representatives to reflect on their experiences with SciGirls. Data was collected throughout the day via panel presentations, small group discussions, and partner interviews. Nineteen of these participants also conducted follow-up Broadening the Discussion interviews with SciGirls Trainers and Educators to gather additional data. SciGirls Reflect produced a variety of rich data that demonstrates the impact of SciGirls, identifies challenges, and provides ideas for moving forward. Participants of the in-person event also benefitted from the opportunity to personally reflect on their experiences with SciGirls and to learn from a colleague about their experiences. SciGirls Reflect participants, both those who attended the SciGirls Reflect in-person event and those who participated in Broadening the Discussion interviews, provided valuable information about the impact SciGirls has had on them, their teaching, and their students.



Team Members

Brenda Britsch, Author, National Girls Collaborative


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: GSE/REAL
Award Number: 1103016

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