Ocean’s Edge Summative Report

January 1st, 2007 | EVALUATION

In 2006 the Exhibits department conducted a summative evaluation of Ocean's Edge, the aquarium's original and permanent galleries. From 2002-2005 the original galleries underwent a renovation to bring the original exhibits and interpretation up-to-date and to add additional exhibits. This area covers approximately 10,000 square feet. Ocean's Edge is a dramatic transformation of the aquarium's original exhibit galleries. Rockwork and wharf pilings and touchable models transform galleries into the habitats they represent. Visitors can walk under a crashing wave or delve into multimedia exhibits that engage them in making sustainable seafood choices at the Real Cost Caf or test out their tidepooling skills at the rocky shore.In Ocean's Edge, we're connecting visitors to ocean life and protection of the world's ocean in a whole new way. Multi-sensory and multimedia exhibits offer new ways for visitors to touch, explore and learn about the amazing animals and plants on exhibit. Visitors are invited to see how they are part of Monterey Bay and all the ways they can enjoy and protect the bay, from visiting it with care diving, kayaking and hiking to choosing sustainable seafood. Throughout Ocean's Edge, visitors will discover ways to get personally involved in protecting the oceans for the future we're putting people in the picture in ways we've never done before. We created videos and included photographs of people in Monterey Bay Habitats diving, walking on the beach and tidepooling to show people enjoying and appreciating these extraordinary places. We want everyone to see the positive and constructive ways that people can co-exist with healthy habitats visiting them with care, cultivating their own connection with nature as well as children's connection with nature. Hands-on activities are integral to Ocean's Edge and will be found throughout the galleries from touch screen videos to touchable bronze models from an octopus crawling from its den to mussel encrusted rocks along the rocky shore. Visitors can bury a flatfish and explore a mural of animals hiding and hunting in the coastal wetlands and sandy shores. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out how visitors are using the newly renovated exhibition and how the design decisions affected visitor behavior, awareness and understanding of the Nearshore habitats of the Monterey Bay. Since a front-end evaluation was conducted in 2002 prior to the original galleries being renovated, some methods and items will be repeated to allow for a comparison between the original and renovated galleries. The appendix of this report includes the interview forms used in the study.



Team Members

Steven Yalowitz, Evaluator, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Jenny Sayre Ramberg, Evaluator, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Jaci Tomulonis, Evaluator, Monterey Bay Aquarium


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