Mystic E-port Digital Classroom Summative Evaluation

March 17th, 2014 | EVALUATION

A two stage summative evaluation was conducted following the launch of the Mystic Seaport for Educators website, the final output resulting from the IMLS National Leadership grant entitled Mystic E-Port Digital Classroom project. The results of four focus groups, conducted in two phases, found consistent results suggesting that the project was successful at achieving all four goals as outlined in the original grant proposal. Appendix includes focus group protocol.



Team Members

Mystic Seaport, Contributor
John Fraser, Evaluator, New Knowledge Organization Ltd.


Funding Source: IMLS


Audience: Educators | Teachers | Elementary School Children (6-10) | Middle School Children (11-13) | Youth | Teen (up to 17)
Discipline: Ecology | forestry | agriculture | Education and learning science | Technology
Resource Type: Evaluation Reports | Interview Protocol | Research and Evaluation Instruments | Summative
Environment Type: Aquarium and Zoo Exhibits | Exhibitions | Games | Simulations | Interactives | Informal | Formal Connections | K-12 Programs | Media and Technology | Websites | Mobile Apps | Online Media