Kachemak Bay, Alaska: An Exploration of People and Place

January 1st, 2004 | EVALUATION

Extensive research of the exhibit, Kachemak Bay, Alaska: An Exploration of People and Place shows it to be popular and effective with visitors on every communication and affective goal set forth in the Exhibit Master Plan. Research also finds that Community Collaborators who helped to create exhibit elements found the experience deeply meaningful and satisfying, meeting every desired cognitive, affective and behavioral outcome established for the collaboration programs. Pre- and post-test surveys of the exhibit involved nearly 600 visitors to the Pratt Museum. In most studies, Travelers and Area Residents used distinct survey instruments and are considered separately for analysis. Over 30 Community Collaborators responded to lengthly questionnaire forms, sharing deeply personal experiences and revelations about their participation.



Team Members

Wendy Meluch, Evaluator, Visitor Studies Services


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