Grossology LIVE! Summative Evaluation

March 1st, 2008 | EVALUATION

Grossology Live! was a creative and innovative program that involved unique format, content, and collaboration. The program used live video-conferencing techniques to create two-way interaction between onscreen actors in a colorful Grossology set in the studio in Noblesville, Indiana; uniquely imaginative comedic and musical presentations on the human body; and a live presenter, stage set, and audience at 5 small science or health centers primarily in the mid-west and southeast. The receiving sites were members of the National Association of Health Education Centers (NAHEC), which played a significant role in the start-up of the collaborative. Because of its complex nature, the summative evaluation of Grossology Live! is discussed in three parts. First, the experience of the audience, next a summary of the web site survey responses, and finally, the experience of the staff and collaborating institutions.


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Team Members

Minda Borun, Evaluator, Museum Solutions
ID Solutions, Contributor


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 0337204
Funding Amount: 1589981

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