Global Climate Change as Seen by Latin American Zoo and Aquarium Visitors

May 1st, 2012 | EVALUATION

Global Climate Change as Seen by Latin American Zoo Visitors reports on the findings of a summer 2011 survey conducted at eight Latin American zoos in five countries. The study was designed to characterize the readiness of Latin American zoo visitors to engage with the issue of global climate change. This included describing visitors’ cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral predispositions toward climate change in addition to describing their attitudes and beliefs regarding wildlife, nature, and conservation actions. Results indicate that Latin American zoo visitors have a high degree of certainty that climate change is happening, human caused, and impacting them right now. Additionally, Latin American zoo visitors want to do more to address climate change and believe they can have an impact; however, they perceive barriers to doing so. Furthermore, Latin American zoos provide visitors with socially supportive contexts for discussions about animal exhibits and connections to nature; and Latin American zoo visitors’ concern about climate change and participation in behaviors to address climate change systematically vary with their sense of connection with animals.


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Team Members

Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, Project Manager, Chicago Zoological Society
Jerry Luebke, Author, Chicago Zoological Society
Susan Clayton, Author, The College of Wooster
Carol Saunders, Author, Antioch University
Jennifer Matiasek, Author, Chicago Zoological Society
Alejandro Grajal, Author, Chicago Zoological Society


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: Antarctic Education
Award Number: 1043284
Funding Amount: 1206278

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