Evaluation of NOVA Labs: Sun Lab

September 1st, 2012 | EVALUATION

WGBH received funding to develop and create NOVA Labs, an online environment that provides teen audiences with an online research lab, educational content, and the opportunity to engage with authentic data, tools, and processes to investigate scientific questions. This work has begun with the development of a first pilot lab, called The Sun Lab. NOVA Education created and launched this lab in early summer 2012. Examining the site in its pilot form, the Lifelong Learning Group (LLG) engaged in a formative evaluation to support refinements and improvements in the design of subsequent NOVA Lab environments. Based upon consultation with the NOVA Labs team, several evaluation questions were identified and prioritized to guide this formative evaluation phase. This report provides a summary of the findings from this evaluation.



Team Members

NOVA, Contributor
Brooke Havlik, Project Manager, NOVA
Jessica Sickler, Evaluator, Lifelong Learning Group


Funding Source: NASA

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