Evaluation of Invent It. Build It. 2014

March 2nd, 2015 | EVALUATION

The fifth annual Invent It. Build It. event, sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Girl Scouts of the USA, WGBH’s Design Squad Global, the ExxonMobil Foundation, and Techbridge was held at the SWE annual conference in Los Angeles, CA. Participants included a record-breaking 619 middle school girls, plus 300 of their parents/guardians and middle school educators. More than 200 SWE members volunteered at the event to facilitate the activities, act as role models, and work closely with the middle school girls throughout the day. Thirty-two exhibitors provided information about camps, competitions and resources as part of the Invent It. Build It. EXPO. Concord Evaluation Group was hired to conduct an independent evaluation of the event. This report summarizes the evaluation findings.



Team Members

Concord Evaluation Group, Contributor
Christine Paulsen, Principal Investigator, Concord Evaluation Group



Audience: Educators | Teachers | Families | Middle School Children (11-13)
Discipline: Engineering
Resource Type: Evaluation Reports | Research and Evaluation Instruments | Survey
Environment Type: Informal | Formal Connections | K-12 Programs | Public Events and Festivals | Public Programs

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