DragonflyTV Evaluation Report 2003

January 1st, 2003 | EVALUATION

In the Spring of 2003, Rockman et al conducted an evaluation that was designed to explore children's viewing behavior, outcomes of viewing, the impact of the program's structural features, viewers' content preferences, and factors that motivate greater participation by viewers. Nearly six hundred children and twenty-five adults in three major U.S. cities participated in this study. Evaluation activities included:

  • Five sets of student surveys: one administered prior to viewing episodes of DragonflyTV, one following each of the three programs viewed as part of the evaluation, and one administered after students had seen all three episodes
  • A series of observations of students viewing DragonflyTV in which attention patterns were recorded and analyzed
  • Two rounds of student interviews including one prior to viewing episodes of DragonflyTV and a second round conducted after all three episodes had been viewed
  • Interviews with teachers in each classroom participating in our study after all three episodes had been viewed
  • Focus groups with extra-curricular science clubs.
  • All evaluation activities were designed with four themes in mind: content preferences, structural features, learning outcomes and participation.



    Team Members

    Rockman, et. al., Evaluator
    Twin Cities Public Television, Contributor
    Jennifer Borland, Author, Rockman, et. al.


    Funding Source: NSF
    Funding Program: ISE/AISL
    Award Number: 9909828
    Funding Amount: 1089290

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