Cyberchase: The Next Frontier Analysis of Web Analytics

June 28th, 2012 | EVALUATION

Cyberchase: The Next Frontier is a redesign of the Cyberchase Web site that resides on, designed to increase traffic to this informal mathematics education site and support learning by encouraging users to engage in multiple activities - spanning a variety of media (videos, online games, hands-on activities) - that involve related mathematics content. To that end, in addition to redesigns of the Cyberchase homepage and other areas of the site, prominent aspects of the Next Frontier redesign include: Learning Pathways: Each of the site's games, videos, and hands-on activities is now accompanied by a menu of three Learning Pathway options that allow a user to navigate directly to a related activity after they try the current one. Three Learning Pathway links appear on each page, under the heading of More Cool Stuff. One Learning Pathway links to an activity that deals with similar mathematics content (thus reinforcing learning), one to an activity that features the same character, and the third is a surprise me option in which the user does not know what the next activity will be. Find-It: The Find-It page allows users to search for activities by math topic, thus facilitating access for users (either children or adults) who are looking for activities to support a particular content area. Site maximization: The site has been maximized to attract increased numbers of users through navigation external to the Cyberchase site, such as searching for math games in a search engine. To gain insight into children's use of the Cyberchase Web site, and evaluate the success of the Next Frontier redesign in achieving its aims, we conducted an analysis of Web analytics reflecting use of the site. This report presents our findings. Cyberchase is the Emmy Award-winning mathematics series and website on PBS KIDS GO! using broadcast, web, new media and educational outreach to impact millions nationwide. Designed for children ages 8 to 11 and packed with mystery, humor, and action, Cyberchase's mission is to improve kids' problem-solving and math skills, and inspire them with confidence and enthusiasm toward math. The TV series airs daily on PBS KIDS GO! across the country, and the website ( offers over 100 math games and activities for kids, video streaming of full episodes and clips, and parent and teacher sites with lesson plans, activities and tips for adults. Cyberchase reaches across platforms with apps for the SMART Board and mobile devices. The traveling bilingual museum exhibit, Cyberchase: The Chase Is On!, continues to tour the country and is permanently installed at the Children's Museum of Houston.



Team Members

Shalom Fisch, Evaluator, MediaKidz Research & Consulting
Thirteen/WNET, Contributor
Shina Aladé, Evaluator, MediaKidz Research & Consulting


Funding Source: NSF
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