Equity Project Spotlights: AISL Projects

June 12th, 2024

AISL Project Interviews

These short interviews showcase equity-centered practices  and diverse perspectives from 9 AISL-funded projects. Featuring accounts from principal investigators, co-principal investigators, and community partners, these interviews offer insights on the strategies, challenges, and successes project teams have encountered while implementing inclusive and equitable practices in their work. Click on the videos to explore each unique account.

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These interviews were conducted during the 2023 AISL Awardee Meeting in Arlington, VA, during December 2023.

Dr. Jaymee Nanasi Davis

Project: Leveraging community-based organizations to develop and study Native Hawaiian ethos-driven (‘Āina-based) environmental science activities

Karen Peterson

Project: BRITE Girls Online STEM Practices: Building Relevance and Identity to Transform Experiences

Dr. Celia Garcia Alvarado

Project: Engaging Rural, Latinx Youth in an After School Program That Integrates Design Thinking, Making and Math

Veronica Garcia-Luis

Project: Cambio: A Professional Development Approach for Building Latinx-focused Cultural Competence in Informal Science Education Institutions

Dr. Ed Greene

Project: Black Representation – Authoring STEM Stories for Climate Risk Preparedness

Dr. Isabel Hawkins

Project: The Cultural Roots of STEM: A Synthesis of Non-Western STEM Learning Paradigms

Cesar Almeida

Project: Research to Understand and Inform the Impacts of Ambient and Designed Sound on Informal STEM Learning

Dr. Edna Tan, Dr. Angela Calabrese Barton

Project: Research in Service to Practice: Critical, Connected, Co-Making with Youth, Families & Communities

Robby Callahan Schreiber

Project: Expanding Activities for Outdoor, Nature Situated Making