Growth and Equilibrium: A Series of Exhibits on the Topic of Feedback

July 1st, 1993 - June 30th, 1996 | PROJECT

We propose to develop a series of 12 exhibits on the topic of feedback. We will create an introductory cluster of 4-5 exhibits situated in our "Patterns" section to introduce the basic concepts. We sill situate each of the remaining 708 exhibits in the area of the museum that suits it phenomenologically. A continuity in the theme of feedback will be created through Feedback Pathways (both a field trip Pathway and a general use Pathway) and associated maps which will be available in the introductory cluster> These will guide both visitors and school classes from area to area with feedback as the unifying element. The feedback behavior exemplified in these exhibits will be accessible to both young and older audiences and will be strongly connected with the "Themes of Science" listed in the California State Science Framework for Pre-College Science Education. The exhibits will receive extensive use in our teacher training programs at both the elementary and secondary level. Exhibit evaluation will take place at the level of extensive prototyping by exhibit development and teaching staff and on a more formal level in conjunction with a formative evaluation program. We will disseminate this work in a publication describing inexpensive classroom versions of Exploratorium exhibits. In addition, we will experiment with the dissemination of our work to other museums through the Internet Computer Network.

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Team Members

Thomas Humphrey, Principal Investigator, Exploratorium


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 9254713
Funding Amount: 288475


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