Research-Practice Partnerships in ISE Workshop

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April 24, 2017

If you are a scientist wanting to connect your broader impacts public engagement work with a longer-term learning research agenda, a learning scientist seeking to develop a collaborative study in an informal STEM learning context, or a science communicator or informal science education professional wanting to build on and contribute to the evidence base on science learning, this workshop is designed for you.

This NSF-funded workshop, focused on informal science education, will introduce you to an emerging approach to research called research-practice partnerships (RPPs).  Over one-and-a-half days, you will develop a deeper understanding of what an RPP is, how to form and sustain one, and how to design an ISE project or proposal around one. Additionally, you will learn about:

  • Different forms of RPPs (NICs, DBIR, and Alliances)
  • Structures and mechanisms for maintaining a thriving RPP
  • Practical Measures: Strategies for getting real-time data to guide and refine practice and build evidence-based knowledge

The workshop will provide extended and structured time for you and your team to identify and refine the problem of practice your RPP project seeks to address, your core research questions, and the kinds of data you will need to collect to inform practice in a timely way and advance theory over the long run.  You will leave the workshop with a plan or outline for project or proposal development that can continue in the summer or fall.

The workshop will be held July 11th and 12th. Workshop applications are due by May 1st.