InformalScience.org is a central portal to project, research and evaluation resources designed to support and connect the informal STEM education community in museums, media, public programs and a growing variety of learning environments.

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This collaborative effort is a UK/US funding partnership that seeks to strengthen the research and knowledge base on the impact of informal STEM experiences and settings in both countries.

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Access peer-reviewed articles from thousands of learning research journals through EBSCO’s Education Research Complete database, available to logged- in members of InformalScience.org.


This online event will showcase cutting-edge NSF-funded work to improve teaching and learning of STEM and CS. We invite you to view the videos and vote for your favorite presentations when the event goes live, May 11th- 15th 2015.

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This Week In Informal STEM Education (ISE): NABI Summit, AAM Meeting, BOOST Conference, MCAF & more

This week in informal STEM education (ISE): NABI Summit, AAM Meeting, BOOST Conference and the Marine Conservation Action Fund.

This Week In Informal STEM Education (ISE): Philadelphia Science Festival, IMLS Medals and more

This week in informal STEM education, we highlight the Philadelphia Science Festival, IMLS National Medals and more.

Save the Date for the Indigenous Wordviews in Informal Science Education Conference

Join PIs, educators, scientists, policymakers, learning researchers, and youth from Sept. 3rd [...]

Mary Jo Ondrechen

Jean Ryoo

Project Director & Researcher

Katie Mills

Carlin Hsueh

Project Manager
Association of Science-Technology Centers

Statewide Networks for Informal Science Education

For the past several years, CAISE has been working with NSF to help STEM researchers and directors of education and public [...]

Engaging Math in Informal Learning Environments: Q&A with Tracey Wright

Our Q&A with Tracey Wright, who works to cure math-phobia through her contributions to formal and informal STEM education.

Informal Science Education (ISE) and the Environment

Informal STEM learning activities offer innovative ways for community members to connect to and learn about the environment.

SL+ test run

To see if folks can easily log in to the CAISE website and a practice for the upcoming SL+ forum.

Let's Talk - Discussion Group

This public forum is a continuation of the Let's Talk project. The project addresses the lack of a generalizable body of knowledge about dialogue, the need for instructional models and theory to inform the use of Dialogue programming, and the opportunity to prepare future museum professionals. In this forum, we invite you to become part of the part conversation by discussing the role of facilitated dialogue in museum-based programming, sharing new examples of innovative practice and research, and collaborating with your colleagues in the field on next steps for the field. A full project description is available here: http://bit.ly/1F9LnPD


This group was created to allow CAISE staff to demo and test the Groups functionality on InformalScience.org.

Sheldon Research Team

Private Foundation focused on many areas of scientific research. Each member brings there own expertise to the table and is given individual research for a certain period of time. Meetings every month go over recently completed research and assign new task + talk about upcoming issues. Friendly, hard-working common-sense people wanted. Drop me an application on joemartin7471@gmail.com and I'll get back ASAP.