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ZOOM! is the Emmy Award-winning series for 8 to 11 year olds that ran on PBS for six years in the 1970's. WGBH, where the series was produced, is hoping...
DATES: July 10th, 1995 - June 30th, 1996

Goodman Research Group, Inc. (GRG), a research firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts specializing in program evaluation, has been conducting external evaluation of ZOOM for WGBH-TV Boston since 1998. GRG's Season VI...
DATE: August 1st, 2004

Zoos can diversify and expand their visitors’ experiences by having a dedicated play space for young learners, allowing them to do what they do best: learn through play. Dedicated natural play spaces and programs such as nature swaps in zoos increase physical activity, quiet reflection, and types of play children engage in during play, including ... Read more
DATE: March 30th, 2017

The San Francisco Zoological Society will use this planning grant to involve representatives of their audience in the development of the learning experiences that will be encorporated into their new...
DATES: September 1st, 1995 - August 31st, 1997