Kaleidoscopes: Reflections of Science and Art

March 15th, 1987 - December 31st, 1988 | PROJECT

The Willamette Science and Technology Center, a science museum located in the university town of Eugene, Oregon, proposes to design, construct and circulate a 1,000 square foot traveling mathematics and science exhibition, "Kaleidoscopes: Reflections of Science and Art" to 15 science museums over a three year period, reaching more than one million visitors. The exhibition will capitalize on popular interest in this 19th century optical toy to provide engaging and stimulating examples of mathematics and physics principles revealed in the exquisite symmetries and surprising patterns of kaleidoscopic reflection. Interactive exhibit modules will be combined with historic examples and the work of contemporary artists to appeal to a broad rang of ages and interests of visitors. Consultants with extensive experience with mathematics and mathematics education will assist in the design of the exhibit units and in the preparation of educational materials that will accompany the exhibition. The Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service (SITES), will manage the circulation and maintenance of the exhibition during its travels and will publish the related educational materials and make them available to host museums. Project staff and consultant are highly qualified to carry out this project, which matches an increasing national interest in revitalizing mathematics education and a corresponding increased emphasis on mathematics education at the National Science Foundation. An award $71,310 for FY'87 is recommended.

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Team Members

Lucy Lynch, Principal Investigator, Willamette Science & Technology Center


Funding Source: NSF
Funding Program: ISE/AISL
Award Number: 8652299
Funding Amount: 73712


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Discipline: Art | music | theater | Mathematics | Physics
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