Interest Group: Building Equitable Relationships

Over the course of 6 months, we will come together to explore and learn about building equitable relationships in Informal Science Education (ISE). This co-designed series is intended to support ISE researchers and practitioners who share an interest in moving beyond extractive and transactional approaches to genuine collaboration and mutual benefit.

This group is open to all individuals who share a passion for informal science education, including researchers, practitioners, partners, students, aspiring professionals, and anyone interested in advancing science education.

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  • Develop a deeper understanding of equitable partnership principles and practices
  • Share knowledge, resources, and expertise to support relationship-building
  • Foster a community of practice that values mutual support and collective growth

Participant Benefits

  • Connect with peers in the Informal Science Education (ISE) field who share similar interests and goals
  • Access interactive learning opportunities:
  • Engage in meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing with others who are passionate about equitable partnerships and community-led initiatives