Connected Audience Digital Dialogues

November 8th, 2017

Please join the Institute for Learning Innovation for the Connected Audience Digital Dialogues! The Digital Dialogues (December 6-December 13) are a set of online asynchronous virtual conversations building on key themes that emerged from The Connected Audience Conference held in Vienna, September 14-16.

Each day, participants will be greeted by a new set of moderators who will facilitate an online conversation exploring how the role of museums and other cultural institutions in society is rapidly changing. We will consider what strategies are being developed and used for increasing and diversifying who participates in informal science education experiences as well as how they participate. Our goal is to learn from each other about how to become better resources and partners in initiatives designed to support science learning, social development and growth in an increasingly science and technology-driven world.

Participation is free. Please follow this link to be pre-registered for this online event. A free account is required to access the forum. Sign up here. We look forward to learning with you!