Call for Manuscripts: JMBE Science Communication Issue

June 14th, 2017

The American Society for Microbiology’s open access Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) welcomes submissions for a science communication-themed issue to explore the following:

  • Evidence-based science communication curricula: best practices and common pitfalls
  • Evaluation and impact of various forms of science communication: papers, oral presentations, television, social media, community outreach, art, etc.
  • Understanding cognitive biases related to scientific topics such as evolution and vaccines
  • Encouraging engagement in science-based dialogues
  • Using research findings to build narratives
  • Case studies of effective and appropriate science communication
  • Partnerships between scientists and communication professionals

Research articles, perspectives pieces, science communication-related activities, and reviews of resources related to science communication are welcome. To meet the Guest Editors behind the issue and learn more about submission requirements, visit the JMBE website.