Summative Evaluation of the Interpretive Elements in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Visitor Center

Sunday, January 1, 2006
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Serell & Associates, Cornell University
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In June 2002,the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Visitor Center (CLO-VC) opened in the new Imogene Powers Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity. The CLO-VC is located in theSapsucker Woods Sanctuary of Ithaca,New York. Surrounded by trails for bird watchers of all levels,the CLO-VC contains exhibits designed to enhance knowledge of birds and bird biology,and encourage participation in its Citizen Science Program. Sapsucker Woods Pond and the Treman Bird Feeding Garden are visible through walls of windows in the Morgens Observatory part of the Visitor Center.The building,pond, garden,and trails make an enjoyable destination for birders in a range of ages and abilities.

Serrell & Associates (S&A) was hired over a period of three years,from 2003 to 2005,to find out what people were doing,thinking,and feeling as they experienced CLO's new Visitor Center. Methods used included:
-Review of the Sound Studio 2004
-Exit Interviews
-Observations at Natural Sounds Kiosk and Bird ID Kiosk
-Questionnaires after the Object Theater Presentation 2005
-Follow-up Questionnaires about the Object Theater
-Observations and Questionnaires in Bartels Theater

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