Purposeful gaming and BHL: engaging the public in improving and enhancing access to digital texts

Sunday, December 1, 2013 to Monday, November 30, 2015
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Ecology, forestry, and agriculture | Education and learning science | Life science
Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden and partners at Harvard University, Cornell University, and New York Botanical Garden will test new means of crowdsourcing to support the enhancement of content in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). The BHL is an international consortium of the world's leading natural history libraries that have collaborated to digitize the public domain literature documenting the world's biological diversity, resulting in the single, largest, open-licensed source of biodiversity literature. The project will demonstrate whether or not digital games are an effective tool for analyzing and improving digital outputs from optical character recognition and transcription. The anticipated benefits of gaming include improved access to content by providing richer and more accurate data; an extension of limited staff resources; and exposure of library content to communities who may not know about the collections otherwise.

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Trish Rose-SandlerTrish Rose-SandlerPrincipal Investigator

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