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  • Summative Evaluation of "Island of the Sharks"
    Date: 11/22/1999
    Resource Category: Summative
    A summative evaluation in Jersey City, New Jersey at the Liberty Science Center’s IMAX® Dome Theater was carried out with adult (18+ years) viewers. A quasi-experimental separate-sample pretest/posttest design was used. "Island of the Sharks" made a positive impact on sample adult audience member’s knowledge of topics presented in the film and was ... »
  • Traits of Life Front-end Evaluation: Study 'A' - Testing Specific Commonalities
    Date: 08/01/1999
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    The goal of the front-end studies was get a sense of what visitors believe to be the commonalities (if any) among all living things. The goal of this particular study was to find out whether visitors could think of counter-examples to seven true commonalities identified by the Traits of Life team. The results would reveal how familiar visitors ... »
  • Responses to a Human Remains Collection: Findings from Interviews and Focus Groups
    Date: 07/01/1999
    Resource Category: Evaluation Reports
    This report presents the findings from a study conducted by Randi Korn & Associates, Inc. (RK&A), for the National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM), Washington, DC. The study was designed to investigate how visitors respond to the display of the Museum's human remains collection. Specifically, the research objectives were to: determine ... »
  • Summative Evaluation of "The Greatest Places"
    Date: 06/15/1999
    Resource Category: Summative
    A quasi-experimental separate-sample pretest/posttest design was used to assess the impact of the giant screen film "The Greatest Places" on adult viewers. A second evaluation was implemented with eighth grade students who either viewed the film after two related reading activities or viewed the film without associated activity. ... »
  • Bill Nye Family Fun Calendar of Science - Evaluation
    Date: 05/24/1999
    Resource Category: Summative
    During fall 1998, KCTS produced 50,000 “Bill Nye Family Fun Science Packets"" that included a family calendar and a ten-minute video. This outreach packet was meant for distribution to families with school-age children and designed to encourage family science activities at home. KCTS distributed these Packets in sets of 25-1,000 to community ... »
  • Formative Evaluation of Cyberchase: The Poddleville Case - FULL REPORT
    Date: 05/23/1999
    Resource Category: Formative
    This formative evaluation gathered feedback from third and fourth graders in response to the Cyberchase pilot episode, The Poddleville Case, which focused on pattern problem solving. The general goals for the research were To evaluate appeal of the program as a whole as well as specific program elements like the team of kids; To establish age ... »
  • 1, 2, 3 Ready? Set. Go! Front-End Evaluation: Summary of Museum Interviews
    Date: 01/01/1999
    Resource Category: Front-End
    This report presents the findings from a front-end evaluation of 1, 2, 3 Ready? Set. Go!, conducted by Randi Korn & Associates (RK&A) for the Minnesota Children's Museum. 1, 2, 3 Ready? Set. Go! is a traveling exhibition that will visit both libraries and children's museums across the country. The exhibition is being developed by the ... »