STEM Education for the Future: A new NSF Dear Colleague Letter

November 07, 2018
Funding Deadline


On June 11, 2018, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released a new Dear Colleague Letter, STEM Education for the Future to “encourage innovative proposals to prepare scientists and engineers for work in new contexts created by technology and big data.”

Dear Colleague Letters (DCL) offer new opportunities for funding that cut across participating NSF programs, outside of regular solicitation cycles. This opportunity builds on NSF’s 2016 report, Big Ideas for Future NSF Investments, by focusing proposals on education issues specifically related two chapters:

  • The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Shaping the Future; and
  • Harnessing the Data Revolution for 21st Century Science and Engineering.

Further, this DCL “emphasizes proposals that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries,” and “encourages educational research and development proposals that are original, creative, and transformative.”

Each NSF program will have a different due date for proposals. The Advancing Informal STEM Education (AISL) deadline is Nov. 7, 2018, but other NSF programs that support informal STEM have different deadlines, including the Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers program (ITEST) due Aug. 8, 2018.

Read the full Dear Colleague Letter here.