Heidi Carlone

Heidi Carlone is a learning researcher whose work examines identity in concert with the study of culture. She studies an individual’s "performance," in relation to what is demanded, celebrated, and marginalized in the setting they are in. Her work assumes that the identity-related outcomes of any given set of practices, or local context, are often heavily shaped by larger social structures, like race, and class and gender.

You can watch this short video or download the full interview transcript below.

What is STEM identity? | Heidi Carlone

Heidi Carlone
Hooks Distinguished Professor of STEM Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"I cannot completely address the question who an individual is becoming in a setting, unless I also address the question who are youth obligated to be in the setting. I’m always looking at individual’s performances in relation to what the setting demands, celebrates, and marginalizes."